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Have your own unique birth chart or significant event pattern infused into a float-mounted, archival aluminum print! Give yourself, or someone you love, a personalized gift that will last for centuries!

Aluminum Prints are a new (and sustainable) fine-art medium, which preserves images by infusing archival dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Transferred into the metal with a tremendous amount of heat and pressure, the ink transforms into a gas, which then penetrates the ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface. The colors are so incredibly vibrant, and the luminescence is breathtaking. Light falling onto the surface reflects back outward and illuminates the artwork as if looking through a window or HD plasma display! Extremely lightweight, waterproof, and easy to wash with any commercial glass cleaner. The details and almost three-dimensional depth are simply unsurpassed.

• Each design optimized for large scale, high-resolution prints.
• Prints are float-mounted and ready to hang, extending ½” from any surface.
• Charts calculated with high precision using professional software.
• Composite, Synastry, Transits and Progression charts are available.
• Technical details such as points displayed, aspects and orb tolerances are fully customizable.
• Vector graphics allow for scaling to enormous proportions without any loss of detail.
• Display charts of an entire family with “wall-clusters or splits”. A series of MetalPrints arranged in various patterns with padded spacing between.
• Collaborative custom designs projects are highly encouraged. 
• Receive a free (screen resolution) digital copy with every order to use as wallpaper on your computer monitor, smart phone, or tablet.
• Each print accompanied by a reference document to help locate and identify the symbols and aspects.

To order your personalized custom print, simply email Greg Linhares via the contact link above, or call to inquire.

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